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Friday, March 9, 2012


Named after Joseph Sherman Kenville, an early resident of the area from Canada who owned over 130 acres acres of property including much of modern-day Quail Hollow Ranch County Park. His primary products were watermelons and general produce. The Kenvilles moved to Santa Cruz in 1902. The flag-stop for Kenville was established in late 1892 and remained on the books, at least, until late 1909. It was only ever a flag-stop, with no regularly-scheduled stops, no freight platform, and no structures. It was likely created as compensation by the railroad for using Kenville's land for the railroad right-of-way.

Recent Updates (Unpublished Material):
  • Semaphore foundation just before the fill at Kenville.
    Kenville's middle name was Sherman.
  • Kenville purchased 50 acres of land at a rate of $50/acre with a $20 down payment on December 13, 1889.
  • Born on November 19, 1823 at Coteau-Landing, Quebec, Canada
  • Died January 4, 1911, Santa Cruz, CA
  • Had at least seven children including Ulysses Grant (1863-1937), Walter Frear (1868-1917), Frank Louis (1871-1929), Evart Laurence (1877-1964), Carrie Bertha (1880-1863), Herbert (1886-1887), and Lloyd A. (1891-1937).

Official Railroad Information:
Never published in employee timetables.
First appeared in Officers, Agencies & Stations Book on January 1, 1893 under the South Pacific Coast Railway Division, situated at the former site of Doughertys Spur, which is undoubtedly an error. Location 70.4 miles south of San Francisco via Alameda Point. Eccles Spur is to the south. It had no listed services throughout its existence. Kenville was removed within a year prior to July 1, 1910.

Geo-coordinates and Access Rights:
The probable location of Kenville Flag-Stop today
37˚N 4' 57.9", 122˚W, 2' 53.5"

Right-of-way through the area begins at Zayante Schoolhouse Road and becomes, to the north, "Old Kenville Road", which is privately-owned. Where the road turns east, the right-of-way continues over a single chain-linked fence, over a fill, and into undeveloped right-of-way. Ownership for this segment is unknown, but likely the Santa Cruz Water Department. The right-of-way ends at the fence surrounding the FileSafe vault (formerly Tunnel #5/4).

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  1. The "Small Cement Foundation" found near Kenville is a SP era block signal base, and one of many that can be found between Santa Cruz and olympia, and probably many more can be found along the right of way all the way to los gatos.
    You have a good collection of pictures!