Friday, March 15, 2013

Golf Club Drive Trestle

The most southern trestle on the Southern Pacific Mountain Route and also the shortest, the Golf Club Drive Trestle is located south of Golf Links and crosses over the similarly-named road that once connected Highway 9 with the old Casa del Rey Golf Club clubhouse. It is a simple redwood trestle bridging a gully that was created when the original Santa Cruz & Felton Railroad's fill was bored to create the road to the clubhouse. It was probably built around 1912 as a broad gauge trestle when Fred Swanton built his venture on the property now known as Pogonip County Park.

The trestle on a rainy day, facing under the trestle westward.
The trestle is in constant seasonal use with Roaring Camp Railroads' Santa Cruz Big Tress & Pacific Railroad diesel engines hauling excursion trains across the trestle as many as eight times a day in the summer. Because of that, and despite its age, the trestle is kept in good repair. Roaring Camp has owned the right-of-way, including the trestle, since 1985 when they purchased it from the Southern Pacific Railroad.

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