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Thursday, October 17, 2013

Filbert Trestle (SLR Trestle #7)

Immediately north of the Boulder (Grover) Mill and approximately 0.2 mile south of Filbert once stood the Lorenzo Trestle, the seventh trestle over the San Lorenzo River from Felton and ninth overall. The trestle bridged a wide gap between two high banks over the San Lorenzo River. In addition, it bridged a small creek that emptied into the river just north of the trestle.

Central concrete pier sitting on the north bank of the San Lorenzo River near Filbert.
Right-of-way beneath Filbert Trestle. The bridge would have crossed
overhead and slightly to the right (through trio of trees).
The original narrow-gauged trestle was undoubtedly made of redwood pilings and likely spanned across the river in what may have been an impressive bridge to allow the fluid flow of the river. The bridge was removed near the turn of the century and replaced with a much larger and heavier duty redwood structure. While the American Bridge Company was responsible for its construction, for some reason it was decided that a prefabricated steel structure would not function well at this site. It is highly possible that there was a slight bend along the bridge here, limiting the ability for a steel trestle to be used. In any case, a single concrete pier was built on the north bank of the San Lorenzo River to support the bridge, which elsewhere was supported by redwood pilings. Concrete curbs may have also been built to support the ends of the bridge, but these have since been buried or covered in heavy undergrowth. All of the structure was removed along with the rest of the track at some point in early- to mid-1934.

Central concrete pier near Filbert visible from State Route 9 northbound.
Pilings on the south bank of the river near Filbert.
Today, the central concrete pier still stands on the northern bank of the river, visible to all who drive northbound on State Route 9 just before the Lorenzo Avenue turn-off. Sawed off pilings can be seen in the river on the opposite bank beside a more modern wooden pathway. Further sawed off pilings can be found on the property through which the trestle passed since no later structure has been developed here. The southern curb of the trestle is lost in the woods just west of a home located at the end of Camp Joy Road. The northern curb of the trestle is hidden by brush beside a home that was built on the fill that supported the curb. The materials used to construct either of these curbs is not known.

Northern curb under a fence with a "Keep Out" sign. Ivy is so heavy in this area that it is impossible to see any remnants.

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