Maps are an essential part of any historical location research. For close-up, customized maps of various stretches of track, check out these local maps with accompanying photographs:

Santa Cruz & College Park Branch:
Boulder Creek Branch:
Dougherty Extension Railroad
Davenport Branch & Ocean Shore Southern Division:
  • Santa Cruz to Orby
  • Wilder to Enright
  • Baldwin to Davenport
  • Davenport Landing to Swanton
Santa Cruz Branch:
  • Santa Cruz to Woods Lagoon
  • Twin Lakes to Capitola
  • New Brighton to Ellicott
  • Nuga to Watsonville Junction
Loma Prieta Branch
  • Aptos to Monte Vista (II)
Coast Division Mainline:
  • Carnadero to Chittenden
  • Logan to Watsonville Junction
In addition, a custom Google Map has been created to collect all the local railroading data together in one place. This map charts the railroads of Santa Cruz County, as well as the route to Vasona Junction, the Monterey Branch, and the coastal portion of the Pajaro Valley Consolidated Railroad. It is a constant work-in-progress so should not be considered perfect or precise, but its information has been confirmed from visual evidence, railroad documents, and property surveys. The maps were generally designed using the property view rather than the topographical view, so slight variances between the two may apply. As always, please forward any errors, amendments, or additions to