Mobile Ranger:
The Railroads of Santa Cruz County: From Blog to Book (10/29/2013, by Derek R. Whaley)

Meehan Siding, a Forgotten Piece of Zayante's History (07/10/2014, by Derek R. Whaley)
Gibbs Ranch Resort and Zayante's Lost Post Office (07/31/2014, by Derek R. Whaley)
Breeding Trout in the Middle of the Redwoods (08/28/2014, by Derek R. Whaley)
Big Trees Station: Two Resorts for the Price of One Stop (09/04/2014, by Derek R. Whaley)
Inspiration Point, or the Legend of Coon Gulch (09/25/2014, by Derek R. Whaley)
Laurel: Frederick Hihn's Little Mountain Town (10/30/2014, by Derek R. Whaley)
Bonny Brae: One Hundred Years of Adventure (11/20/2014, by Derek R. Whaley)
Tales of Gold Gulch and Forest Lakes (12/18/2014, by Derek R. Whaley)
Filbert and the Ghost of Joseph Peery (01/29/2015, by Derek R. Whaley)
Local Historian Explores the Railroading Past of Santa Cruz County (04/02/2015, by Joe Shreve)
Glen Arbor: A Retreat for the Bay Area Elite (04/09/2015, by Derek R. Whaley)

Santa Cruz Good Times-Weekly:
Why isn't there a train to San Jose? (04/18/2018, by Hugh McCormick)

Santa Cruz Sentinel:
Coast Line: Rail Historian Derek Whaley to Speak Nov. 19 in Felton (11/18/2017, notice)

Los Gatos Weekly-Times:
Abandoned Railroad Tunnels Tell Tale of Town Shift: Author Talk Next Week (01/05/2018, by Judy Peterson)

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