College Park & Santa Cruz Branch
The list leads from north to south beginning just north of Los Gatos and ending at the Santa Cruz wharves.

Vasona Junction
Parr's Spur / Bermingham / Bulwer
🏭  Standard Oil
Los Gatos Freight Yard
🌲  Los Gatos Lumber Patrons
🏭  Los Gatos Canning Company & Hunts Cannery
🏭  Los Gatos Manufacturing Company
{Los Gatos Creek Bridge [Manufacturing Spur]}
🏭 Sacred Heart Novitiate
🌼  Grove Park & Bunker Hill Park
Los Gatos
[0: Los Gatos Canyon Tunnel]
📷 Cats Canyon
{Los Gatos Creek Bridge #1}
[1: Los Gatos Canyon Tunnel]
🧱 Rock Quarry Spur / Lyndon
{Limekiln Canyon Bridge}
{Soda Springs Creek Bridge}
{Hendrys Creek Bridge}
🛢Oil City / Olseoso / Aldercroft
{Los Gatos Creek Bridge #2}
{Los Gatos Creek Bridge #3}
{Hooker Gulch Bridge}
Casey's / Forest Grove / Eva
Call of the Wild
{Los Gatos Creek Bridge #4}
{Los Gatos Creek Bridge #5}
{Los Gatos Creek Bridge #6}
🌼 Sunset Park
[2: Summit Tunnel]
{Burns Creek Bridge}
{Upper Soquel Creek Half-Trestles}
🌲 Hihn Mill
[3: Glenwood Tunnel]
{Bean Creek Half-Trestles}
[4: Mountain Charlie Tunnel]
Tank Siding
White Flag Spur / Zayante (Gibbs)
Zayante / Meehan
Dougherty's Spur
🌲  Dougherty's Mill
[5: Zayante Tunnel]
🌲  Union Mill
🧱 Kaiser Pavement Company Quarry
🧱 Pacific Coast Aggregates Quarry
{Zayante Creek Bridge #1}
Arcadia / Tuxedo / Mount Hermon
{Zayante Creek Bridge #2}
Felton Depot
— Boulder Creek Branch (see below)
🌲 Santa Cruz Lumber Company
Big Trees (North Gate)
Big Trees
{Big Trees Bridge}
Felton Junction
— Felton Branch (see below)
[6: Coon Gulch Tunnel]
📷 San Lorenzo Gorge
🧱 Rincon
[7: Hogsback Tunnel]
{Shady Gulch Bridge}
💣 California Powder Works
Golf Links
🏭 City of Santa Cruz Pumping Station
{Golf Club Drive Bridge}
🐄 A. K. Salz Leather Company
{Pogonip Creek Bridge}
🧱 Cement Works / Graniterock
🛢 Eblis Oil Spurs
🐄 Poultry Products of California
Mora Street
🚂 Mission Orchard Engine House
🚋 Pacific Avenue Street Railroad Shed
🌲 Cunningham & Company Planing Mill
🏭 Cascade Laundry
St. Charles Hotel
[8: Mission Tunnel]
Santa Cruz (South Pacific Coast Railroad Depot)
Santa Cruz (Santa Cruz Railroad Depot) / Park Street
🏭 Union Ice Company
📦Daniels' Transfer Express Company
🏭 Central Supply Company
🛢Standard Oil (1st Depot)
🏭 Williamson & Garrett / Herb Moore Produce
🛢Standard Oil (3rd Depot)
🌲Wood Brothers Lumber Company
🏭 Sperry Flour Company
🌲  Grover & Company
🌲  Olive & Foster Company
🌲  Santa Cruz Lumber Company
🌲  Loma Prieta Lumber Company
🌲  Cash Lumber Company
🏭 /🌲  Centennial Flour Mill
Railway Express Agency
Santa Cruz Union Depot
— Ocean Shore Railroad Junction
Santa Cruz Beach
⚓️ Gharky's Wharf / Municipal Railroad Wharf / Powder Works & Steamship Wharf

Old Felton Branch
The list leads from south to north beginning at Felton Junction and ending at Old Felton
Old Felton
🧱 Holmes Lime Company
🌲  Flume Terminus
🏭  Standard Oil
{Old Felton Bridge}

Boulder Creek Branch
The list leads from south to north beginning at Felton Depot and ending at Boulder Creek.

Felton Depot
{Zayante Creek Bridge}
Old Felton (Switch)
🌼  Riverside
🌲 Kent's Spur / Bonny Brae
🌲 Rubottom's Spur / Pettis / Brackney
Glen Arbor
{Newell Creek Bridge}
Newell Junction
— 🌲  Newell Mill (Newell Creek Branch)
{Love Creek Bridge}
🌲 Pacific Mills / Ben Lomond
{Hotel Ben Lomond Bridge}
{Phillipshurst Bridge}
{Siesta Bridge}
🐟 Steen's Spur / Fish Hatchery
{Clear Creek Bridge}
🌲 Clear Creek / Reed's Spur / Brookdale
{Brookdale Bridge}
{Huckleberry Island Bridge}
{Harris Bridge}
🌲  Cunningham's / Boulder Mill / Grover Mill / Joy Camp / Harris
{Filbert Bridge}
🌲  Peery's Mill / Lorenzo / Filbert
Boulder Creek

Santa Clara Valley Mill & Lumber Company Railroad
This list leads from the private sidings at Boulder Creek to Waterman Switch near Castle Rock State Park. Passenger service only went as far as the Santa Clara Valley Mill & Lumber Company mill at Doughertys.
{Boulder Creek Bridge}
{San Lorenzo River Bridge}
{Bear Creek Bridge}
🌲  Alameda Lumber Mill
🌲  Morrell Mill on Two Bar Creek
🌲  Cunningham Mill
🌲  Hihn Mill on Kings Creek
{Cunningham Mill Bridge}
🌼  Wildwood
{South Doughertys Bridges}
🌲  Santa Clara Valley Mill & Lumber Company Mill
{North Doughertys Bridges}
{San Lorenzo River Bridge}
Sinnott's Switch
🌲  Chase Mill
{San Lorenzo River Bridge}
🌲  McGaffigan's Switch
🌲  Waterman Switch
{San Lorenzo River Bridges}

Coast Division Mainline
Built in mid- to late-1871, the Coast Division mainline began life as the Pajaro Branch and then the Salinas Branch until Southern Pacific trackage reached such an extent that divisions were required. This trackage has always been standard-gauge and always owned by the Southern Pacific Railroad.

🐄 Nema
🥦 Betabel
🛢 Newria
🥦 Vega
Pajaro & Watsonville Junction

Santa Cruz Branch
The Santa Cruz Railroad began operating in 1875 between Pajaro and the Cherry Street Depot. It was merged into the Southern Pacific in 1881 and more stops came about over the years.

Pajaro / Watsonville Junction
🥦 Pajaro / Watsonville Junction Spurs
{Cayetano Park Bridge}
{Pajaro River Bridge}
🏭 Spreckels Beet Sugar Refinery
🥦 Kearney Street Extension Spurs
🥦 Upper Beach Road Railroad Patrons
🥦 Walker Street Patrons
🥦 West Beach Street Spurs (Part I)
🥦 West Beach Street Spurs (Part II)
Martin's / Laguna / Nuga
{Harkins Slough Bridge}
San Andreas / Ellicott
{San Andreas Road Bridge}
🏭 Cristo
{Manresa Beach Bridge}
Manresa / Robroy
{Bush Gulch Bridge}
{Seascape Beach Bridge}
Claus / Farley
{Valencia Creek Bridge}
— Loma Prieta branch (see below)
{Aptos Creek Bridge}
{Borregas Creek Bridge}
New Brighton
{Porter Gulch Bridge}
{Soquel Creek Bridge}
🌲 Opal
{Rodeo Gulch Bridge}
Del Mar / Cliffside
{Schwan Lagoon Bridge}
Twin Lakes
{Woods Lagoon Bridge}
🐟 Seabright
{San Lorenzo River Trestle #1}
Santa Cruz Beach / Bandero / Casino
⚓️ Gharky's Wharf / Municipal Railroad Wharf / Powder Works & Steamship Wharf
— Junction: Ocean Shore Railroad
Santa Cruz Union Depot

Loma Prieta Branch
A short-line railroad into the heart of the Aptos Creek basin where the Loma Prieta Timber Company and the Molino Timber Company operated extensive logging operations. The railroad was operated by the Southern Pacific Railroad to Loma Prieta, after which local narrow-gauged trains operated. A private line also ran from Molino.

🌲 Ready
🌲 Molino
🌲 Hinckley Creek Spur
🌲 Loma Prieta
🌲 Bridge Creek Spur
🌲 Molino Timber Company Incline Railroad
🌲 Spring Valley
🌲 Monte Vista Logging Camp #1
🌲 Monte Vista Logging Camp #2

Ocean Shore Railroad & Coast Line Railroad
The Ocean Shore Railroad was a line constructed along the Central Coast from San Francisco to Santa Cruz...at least that was the plan. First operating in 1905, the northern division never went further south than Tunitas near Half Moon Bay. The southern division, meanwhile, never made it out of Santa Cruz County. The Coast Line Railroad, on the other hand, was Southern Pacific Railroad's answer to the Ocean Shore. It was founded in 1905 to span the same stretch of coast as its rival, with a loop-spur from Pescadero that was meant to connect Boulder Creek to the coast. The 1906 Earthquake ruined the plans of both organizations. The Coast Line eventually merged back into SP in May 1913, selling its undeveloped land. The Ocean Shore still lives today as a corporate entity but its track was taken up in the mid-1920s after a decade of the San Vicente Lumber Company using it to haul lumber from Scott Creek.

Santa Cruz Union Depot [CL]
Santa Cruz [OS]
Bay Street Crossing [OS]
Garfield Avenue [OS]
🏭 Younglove Avenue [CL]
🏭 California Street [CL]
🏭 Orby / Swift Street Siding [CL]
🌲 Rapetti (San Vicente Lumber Mill) [OS]
{Moore Creek Trestles [OS/CL]}
🐄 Dairy Building [CL]
{Wilder Creek Trestle [OS/CL]}
🐄 Wilder Spur & Siding [OS/CL]
{Sandy Gulch Trestle [OS/CL]}
🥦 Parsons Beach [OS]
{Baldwin Creek Trestle [OS/CL]}
🥦 Gordola [CL] & Scaroni [OS]
{Majors Creek Trestle [OS/CL]}
🥦 Majors [CL] & Enright [OS
🐄 Laguna Creek & Lagos [OS/CL]
{Laguna Creek Trestle [OS/CL]}
🐄 Yellowbank & Yellowbank Dairy [OS/CL]
{Yellow Bank Creek Trestle [OS/CL]}
{Liddell Creek Trestle [OS/CL]}
🥦 Liddell [OS/CL]
{San Vicente Creek Trestle [OS/CL]}
Lower Crossing [CL]
Davenport [OS/CL]
🏭 Blue Gum [OS]
{Aqua Puera Creek Trestle [OS]}
⚓️ Davenport Landing [OS]
Scott [OS]
{Molino Creek Trestle [OS]}
Scott Junction [OC]
Folger [OS]
San Vicente Transfer Yard [OS]
San Vicente Junction [OS]
Swanton [OS]
🌲 Loma Prieta Mill [OS]
🌲 San Vicente Lumber Company Railroad [Private]

Horsecar and Streetcar Stops
Several horsecar and streetcar lines operated in Santa Cruz County, some simultaneously. Slowly but surely the lines consolidated until all outside of Watsonville were controlled by the Union Traction Company, briefly a subsidiary of the Ocean Shore Railway and for much of its existence a subsidiary of Coast Counties Power Company, itself a subsidiary of Pacific Gas & Electric. Horsecars and streetcars were allowed to stop at most street corners to pick up or drop off passengers; therefore, the stops below were official destinations or places where the cars ended journeys or turned in for the night.

City Railroad
Lower Plaza
Santa Cruz Beach

Pacific Avenue Street Railroad
Lower Plaza
Pacific Avenue Carbarn
Santa Cruz Beach

East Santa Cruz Railroad
Front Street Carbarn
Twin Lakes

Santa Cruz, Garfield Park & Capitola Railroad
Cathcart Street Carbarn
Vue de l'Eau

Santa Cruz, Capitola & Watsonville Railroad
Camp Capitola

Union Traction Company
Casa del Rey

Watsonville Traction Company
Port Watsonville

Pajaro Valley Consolidated Railroad
An independent narrow-gauged railroad built to connect Claus Spreckles' factory at Watsonville with his factory at Spreckles. It ran along the Monterey Coast between the Pajaro River and Salinas River and connected many of Spreckles' beet farms with his primary facilities at either end of the track. The line was closed in 1929 and sold to the Southern Pacific Railroad, although the latter never used the line.

🐄 Watsonville Creamery & Cattle Company
🏭 Spreckels Beet Sugar Refinery
🥦 Peterson
🥦 McGowan #1
🥦 Trafton
🥦 McGowan #2
🥦 Williamson
🥦 Thurwachter
🥦 Cassin
🧱 Gravel Pit No. 1
🥦 Jensen
Moss Landing
🥦 Thompson
🥦 Warnock
🥦 Ranch (i.e., Cooper's Ranch)
🥦 Struve
🥦 Mack
🥦 Moro Cojo

San Juan Pacific Railroad & California Central Railroad

This short-lived independent railroad operated between Chittenden and the San Juan Valley from 1907 until 1930 as the only subsidiary constructed by the Ocean Shore Railroad in its failed effort to build a route between San Francisco and the Sante Fe Railroad to the south. The original company went bankrupt in 1912 and reincorporated as the California Central Railroad, which soon abandoned all ambitions beyond the San Juan Valley.

🥦 Canfield
🥦 Anderson Packing
🥦 Prescott & Beet Dump
San Juan
San Juan Junction
🧱 Old Mission & Pacific Portland Cement Extension Railway

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🥦 Lyda
🏭 Moss Landing
🌼 Miller's Gun Club
• Castroville Freight Yard

Monterey Branch
Southern Pacific waited for the Monterey & Salinas Valley Railroad to go bust before they moved in and re-arranged this branch to their liking. The original route between Monterey and Salinas was completed in 1874. Southern Pacific bought it out in 1880 and redirected the northern end of the line to Castroville, abandoning the portion between Bardin and Salinas.

Morocojo / Nashua
Martin / Neponset
🧱 Stone / Lapis
Paddonville / Marina
🎖 Gigling & Ord
East Monterey / Seaside
Vidrio / Retreat
Del Monte
🌼 Del Monte Bath House
🌼 Custom House
🐟 Light House Road / Sard
Cannery Row stops:
🐟 San Carlos Canning Company, E.B. Gross Cannery, and Peninsula Packing Company
🐟 Enterprise Packing Company
🐟 Aeneas Sardine Products Company
🐟 San Xavier Canning Company
🐟 Pacific Fish Company & California Packing Corporation
🐟 Carmel Canning Company
Hoffman Ave
🐟 Custom House Packing Corporation
🐟 F. E. Booth Company and Edgewater Packing Company
🐟 Monterey Canning Company
🐟 Del Mar Canning Company and Westgate-Sun Harbor Canning Company
🐟 Monterey Fish Products
🐟 Sea Pride Packing Corporation
🐟 Hovden Food Products Corporation
🐟 American Can Company
🌼 Cypress Park
🌼 Forest Avenue
Pacific Grove
🧱 Lake Majella